Kelyn G.

"Thee Fashioneer®": an image consulting brand that combines the innovative thinking skills of an engineer with the creative style antics of a fashionista to provide a premium styling and creative direction experience for all clients.


I am Kelyn G , a 25 year old creative, who dabbles in pretty much everything. Thee Fashioneer is not a brand limited exclusively to wardrobe styling; I am a creative director, event planner, problem solver, hair stylist, model, photographer, hell even a make up artist.... whatever the moment calls for me to be, I am your gal.

My ability to combine the innovative thinking skills of an engineer, my natural creativity, along with my love for fashion fueled me to transition what was initially an idea into a reality .

It all started roughly a year after graduating from college... I had a degree in architectural engineering and began working in the field of Mechanical engineering. I soon knew sitting at a desk the rest of my life would be completely unfulfilling

I knew years prior to college my goal would be to start a career in a field that "makes sense", then transition into the fashion industry somehow and some way...

Soon after... It suddenly all began to come together. Styling and creative directing could be my "thing".

This here is my way.

My transition.

My growth. (See "THEE BLOG" for the full story)

In honor of a great year as "Thee Fashioneer"... I have launched "Fashioneer'd by Kelyn G." a unisex cozy wear brand that was strategically created as a marketing and self-branding tool.

I am not a seamstress.

i am not a designer.

I am a creative with a million ideas who is inspired by her surroundings.

Also, who doesn't love fly cozy gear?

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